For over 50 years, Acorn Industries has provided the manufacturing community with cleanroom solutions to all of their contamination related problems. Whether you need contract cleaning, packaging, cleanroom training, or testing services, or you need the expertise to solve your company's own contamination control issues, Acorn Industries is the best source for all of your clean manufacturing service needs.
Precision Parts Cleaning Services

A Division of Acorn Industries, Inc.

Clean Parts Group is a Division of Acorn Industries. Our precision parts cleaning, testing, and packaging services meet the exacting standards of companies worldwide that require high levels of cleanliness in certain applications. Production runs and small lots are given the same high quality service and attention. We clean a vast variety of parts that come in many different shapes and sizes ranging from gaskets, filters, O rings and syringes that are less than a centimeter in length, to flow sensors, pressure vessels, and satellite assemblies more than 10 feet long.

Ultra Clean Cleaning Services

A Division of Acorn Industries, Inc.

Clean Bottle Group has been servicing our customers for over 50 years. Since 1964, we have been the experts in cleaning glass and plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes. We will clean to your specifications, providing you with bottles that are ultra-clean and particle free. All cleaning and packaging is done in one of our state of the art clean room facilities designed by Dr. Philip R. Austin, one of the original designers of the laminar flow clean room.

Cleanroom Consulting Services

A Division of Acorn Industries, Inc.

Dr. Philip R. Austin, P.E. is known as the Thomas Edison of Cleanrooms, is the founder of Cleanroom Consulting Group. He wrote the first Standard for Cleanrooms over 45 years ago in the USAF Technical Order 00-25-203 and set up the cleanroom classification system which we use today i.e. Class 100,000, 10,000, 1,000 etc. This system, with his help, became Federal Standard 209 and which now is part of the ISO 14644-1 Class 1 through 8 Classification system. You call your cleanroom a "Class 10,000 or other Classification" because of Doctor Austin's work.

To receive the best cleanroom consulting available, you would hire the most prestigious person (i.e. VonBraun, Salk, Einstein, Pasteur, Edison, Goddard, Marconi, etc.) in their field, whether it is buy chantix for medical device design, injection molding.

Cleanroom Training - Cleanroom Seminars

A Division of Acorn Industries, Inc.

The most complete, authoritative & stimulating presentation you'll ever see about the design, construction, operation and maintenance of bio-cleanrooms and aseptic areas.

In 1964, this program was started and has helped revolutionize the science of Cleanroom Technology. These cleanroom seminars are the most concentrated courses on Contamination Control ever presented, utilizing over 2,000 slides, charts, photos and drawings in helping to make attendees thoroughly informed and knowledgeable about a subject whose applications transcend scores of industries, including medical device, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, aerospace, communications, automotive, robotics and many others.